MSP is a consortium of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation support organisations that offer specialist support to boys and men across the UK, working together for the purpose of generating healing.

About The Male Survivors Partnership

The Male Survivors Partnership was initially formed in 2013, when a small group of organisations led by the Chief Executive Officer’s of Survivors Manchester and Mankind came together to lobby the Ministry of Justice to recognise the need to create a funding equity in the sexual violence sector. The result was the formation of the first ever Male Rape Support Fund and an associated campaign that included a specially commissioned film with Channel 4’s Hollyoaks.

Conversations continued about formalising the partnership and in 2016, the CEO’s of Survivors ManchesterSafeline and Mankind wrote and signed up to a ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ as a gesture of commitment to working together for the greater good of male survivors in the UK and develop space for a national conversation on the needs of male survivors continued to be had; while at the same time effort made into increasing the knowledge, awareness and support services for boys and men affected by sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation.

The partnership continues to grow and is now recognised as the national umbrella agency for organisations working with male survivors; and a central point of reference for male survivors and those seeking support for the boys and men in their personal and professional lives.

The Male Survivors Partnership is proud to host a number of UK organisations, as members, all of whom are registered with the Charity Commission or CIC Regulator to ensure good governance. Each organisation agree to the ‘Terms of Reference’ and while working to advance the support for men and boys across the country, agree that this is not to ignore/negate or surpress the amazing work done by many to advance the support for women and girls.

The ‘Terms of Reference’ can be found here: Click Here

The current Male Survivors Partnership members are:

  • Ben’s Place | West Yorkshire
  • Break The Silence | Scotland
  • First Light | Cornwall, Devon, Swindon and Wiltshire
  • First Step | Leicester
  • Kinergy | Bristol and South Gloucester
  • Male Survivors Berkshire | Berkshire
  • Mankind | Sussex
  • MENding | Mansfield
  • Operation Emotion | Plymouth
  • Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre | Winchester
  • Safeline | Warwickshire
  • Safety Net (UK) | UK
  • Stepping Stones | North Wales
  • Sunderland Counselling Service | Sunderland
  • Survivors in Transition | Ipswich
  • Survivors Manchester | Greater Manchester
  • Survivors UK | Greater London
  • SV2 | Derbyshire
  • The Green House | Bristol
  • RASA | Merseyside
  • Victim Support | West Yorkshire
  • Breaking the Silence | West Yorkshire