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                                It seems like a lifetime ago since the standards were released at the House of Lords, yet in fact it was only the beginning of this year.  Being all together again, as the founding board of The Male Survivors […]

Along with my partner Clare, we founded Survivors In Transition (SiT) in 2009 – initially set up to provide peer support for women who had experienced sexual abuse in childhood. This was largely driven by Clare’s own experience and a dearth of support available in Suffolk as a whole and Ipswich in particular. We gaily […]

In the light of MSP’s involvement in the latest headlines with Coronation Street, Sam Thompson shares his thoughts. In March 2017 whilst engaging in therapy with MSP founding member, Survivors Manchester, I made the decision that I wanted to grab my negative experience, take back the power that it took from me and turn it […]

LimeCulture CIC has today announced the 10 Wave 1 Sites who have been selected for inclusion in the Independent Accreditation, Monitoring and Support Programme as part of the Quality Standards for Services Supporting Male Victims/Survivors of Sexual Violence that were recently launched in the House of Lords by Baroness Newlove, the Victims’ Commissioner for England […]

As the first Programme Management Board of 2018 commences, the PMG and Lime Culture CIC reflect on coming to the end of the 1st year of this incredible project. Without a doubt, this first year has surpassed expectations and whilst we have achieved what we set out to and are perfectly on track with regards […]

The 2nd Programme Management Group (PMG) for the Lloyds Bank Foundation funded ‘Male Service Standards’ Project and once again, the Male Survivors Partnership is grateful to Savills in Birmingham for providing us with a meeting room. Duncan Craig, Chair of the PMG, opened the meeting and thanked colleague, Neil Henderson for once again arranging for […]

Chief Executive Officer of Survivors Manchester and co-founder of the Male Survivors Partnership, Duncan Craig, was delighted to be able to present a talk to ISVA’s, ISVA Managers, CPS, Senior Strategic leads, and Home Office and Ministry of Justice Representatives on the development of the partnership and the Male Service Standards programme. Introduced by ex […]

In association with the Male Survivors Partnership, LimeCulture CIC have formally launched the Male Survivors Survey and we are looking to collect the thoughts, reflectons and oppinions of male survivors across the UK. If you are a male survivor of sexual abuse, rape, sexual exploitation, or sexual violation of any kind, are over 18 years […]

Yesterday, Lime Culture CIC hosted two research engagement events, the first with providers of services for survivors and the second with commissioners of these services, as part of the male service standards project. Stephanie Reardon, Joint Chief Executive of LimeCulture CIC, opened the day by welcoming all and introducing the session agenda. This was followed […]

The first meeting of the Male Survivors Partnership (MSP) Programme Management Group (PMG) was held in Birmingham yesterday to monitor the progress of the development of quality standards for services supporting male survivors of sexual violence. Chaired by Survivors Manchester’s CEO, Duncan Craig, the PMG consisted of founding MSP members: Survivors UK’s CEO –  Andy […]