UK Male Survivor Survey Launched

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In association with the Male Survivors Partnership, LimeCulture CIC have formally launched the Male Survivors Survey and we are looking to collect the thoughts, reflectons and oppinions of male survivors across the UK.

If you are a male survivor of sexual abuse, rape, sexual exploitation, or sexual violation of any kind, are over 18 years old, we want to hear from you.

All responses to this survey will be treated in the strictest confidence and fully anonymised. You (or the responses you provide) will not be identifiable as part of this project.

Responses will be stored in our secure data server in an area accessible only to the LimeCulture research team. All identifiable information will be deleted from our server when the research is complete at the end of September 2017

This survey will be open for an 8-week period. The survey opens on Friday 21 July and closes on Friday 15 September 2017.

To access the survey, please click here.

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  1. I have had issues with my care for a long time. They do not understand that trust is major part of my recovery. I already feel guilt and shame but they make me feel guilty and ashamed for needing a service like the crisis team. I do not have family relations or friends that bother with me. When I have made complaints they turn their noses up at services like survivors uk or survivors manchester as they do not work in the NHS.


    • no need to feel guilty. its the others who think they offer us services that should feel guilty. what kind of services do they offer or think they offer? and for who? for them to keep a job or r they real services for real men in trouble!!!!! in my experiences with services offering help , the only ones that r of help , are from survivors themselves, or people who employ survivors and the rest is just the rest trying to offer a semblance of no real help!!!!!!


  2. I am fro m Peterborough ont Canada. but this problem is universal , and not limited to one country. you go guys and speak up from the heart and speak out you r not alone. KUDOS AND AMEN TO THOSE WHO HAVE THE COURAGE TO GET HELP


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