Male Survivors Partnership is working in partnership with Lime Culture CIC to develop the first ever quality assured UK male service standards, because we believe every boy and every man deserves to be offered the highest standard of support, treatment and care.

Male Quality Standards

The number of services supporting male identified victims/survivors of sexual violence has increased over recent years. In part, this is due to organisations responding to male identified victims/survivors who want to access support but is also a result of the drive by commissioners to ensure services that are equitable to all genders in their local communities.

As services for male identified victims/survivors are developed, it is crucial that they are able to meet the specific needs of their clients.

In 2017, MSP commissioned LimeCultureCIC, the UK’s leading sexual violence training and development organisation to research, develop and implement Quality Standards for services supporting male identified victims/survivors of sexual violence, including an independent accreditation and monitoring process.

The purpose of these Quality Standards is to improve the consistency of service provision for male victims/survivors. The overall aim of the Quality Standards is to create a framework and benchmark that can be used to develop and improve the quality of service provision to male victims/survivors, in particular recognising their gender based needs.

It is intended that the Quality Standards will be available to any professional, service provider, client or commissioner who wishes to access them to further the improvement of support for male victims/survivors. Before downloading the Quality Standards, you will be required to provide some information so that we can monitor the uptake of the Quality Standards.

The Male Survivors Partnership Quality Standards for Services Supporting Male Victims/Survivors of Sexual Violence

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This ground-breaking project has been
enabled by an award of £85,000 from the
Lloyds Bank Foundation England & Wales
– Transform Fund
. Launched in 2016,
this fund aims to stimulate innovation
and improvements in the domestic and
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