Terms of Reference (v2. 2018)


“The Male Survivors Partnership is a consortium of male survivor services working together to better support male survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation in the UK”

(A) Remit

The remit of the partnership is to work together, both as organisations and leaders in the field of male sexual violation, in order to provide:

“a central evidence, standards and support, hub for services specific for male survivor of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation, along with those general or mixed gender organisations providing specific project based services for male survivors”

and who wish to do some or all of the following:

(1) Information share, for example:

(i) Media articles/academic research

(ii) Resources for inclusion on member partners’ website

(iii) Reporting from own networks and areas of expertise

(iv) FOIs from each organisation’s areas of work

(v) Statutory consultations

(2) Work together and support each other on a partnership or collective basis as they see fit, for example:

(i) Debates

(ii) Conferences

(iii) Joint letters

(iv) Research

(v) Campaigning

(vi) FOIs

(vii) Media Opportunities

(3) Gain wider awareness of the range of issues affecting male survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation;

(4) Participate, where possible, on individual and discrete initiatives that give a collective voice to the issues affecting male survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation;

(5) The partnership will, on occasion, collaborate and work with, and, support non-partnership organisations who share a common objective or interest on a particular issue.

The partnership will not:

  1. Provide and promote local solutions to individual issues affecting male survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation, that is the remit of the individual local organisations and leaders themselves
  2. Accept partners, organisations or individuals who discriminate against survivors by virtue of their gender identity, sexual orientation or other identifying feature or who purport to provide services for those who identify as male yet fail to meet required standards
  3. Speak, campaign or represent a view on individual issues in the place of the lead organisations and individuals

(B) Recognition

The partnership will identify key Civil Servants, MPs and Lords for the purposes of:

  1. Providing national decision makers, funders and policy leads with a viable alternative to the current options of gaining expert advice, information and evidence to issues affecting male survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation;
  2. Developing an All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPG) on male sexual violation that would address the wide range of issues represented by the partnership; and compliment the work undertaken by VAWaG (Violence Against Women and Girls).

(C) Founding Partners

The following named organisations, and respective leaders, for the Male Survivors Partnership (UK) are:

  • Survivors Manchester (Duncan Craig)
  • Survivors UK (Keith Best)
  • Mankind UK (Martyn Sullivan)
  • Safeline (Neil Henderson)

Terms of Reference for Male Survivors Partnership was agreed on 04/06/2016 by the following signatories:

  • Duncan Craig (Survivors Manchester)
  • Keith Best (Survivors UK)
  • Neil Henderson (Safeline)
  • Martyn Sullivan (Mankind)

The founding partners will be consult with the following organisations, Departments or networks in order to achieve its remit:

  • Lime Culture CIC
  • The Ministry of Justice
  • The Home Office
  • Rape Crisis England & Wales
  • National Rape Working Group (via Duncan Craig)
  • Association of Chief of Police Officers

(D) Development and Growth

The Male Survivors Partnership will encourage the growth of support for males in the sexual violence sector by:

  1. Continuing their organisational commitment to the Male Service Standards project (2017 – 2019) and beyond;
  2. Identifying and welcoming new members of the Male Survivors Partnership, both those that work specifically with males and those that are gender inclusive but have male specific services;
  3. Collectively supporting organisations to develop their offer to males and encouraging others to do so; and
  4. Supporting the women’s sector to grow as well as, not instead of, the male sector.

(E) Transparency

All members of the Male Survivors Partnership will commit to holding transparency with the whole membership as an ethos, in order to ensure that the partnership remains transparent in its efforts to advance male support services.

Within the boundaries of their own organisational policies and procedures, members commit to sharing information between members any of the following matters (but not inclusively)

  • Organisational Professional Conduct proceedings;
  • Funding risks;
  • Political risks;
  • PR risks;
  • Good Practice;
  • Anything that may have a negative impact on any other member in the Male Survivors Partnership.

The sharing of information between members is done in the spirit of partnerships and working together; and with the membership committing to holding any shared information in a confidential manner.

(F) Membership

Any formally constituted organisation, group or agency that directly supports male survivors of sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault or sexual exploitation is welcome to join the Male Survivors Partnership.

Examples of the types of agencies includes (but not exhaustive)

  • Sexual Abuse Services working specifically with male survivors;
  • Sexual Abuse Services working with male and female survivors but with a specific male survivor service or project;
  • Sexual Abuse Services working with male and female survivors equitably;
  • Sexual Abuse Services working with females that offer some support to male survivors;
  • General services that have specific support service or project working with male survivors

General victim and witness support agencies are welcome as individual agencies should they meet one of the criteria above.

Organisations and agencies that don’t meet the criteria are welcome to become ‘Friends of The Male Survivors Partnership’.

(G) Governance

Governance arrangements for the Male Survivors Partnership with regards to the award of any joint funding bid, grants and commissions will be subject to the specific funder.

The membership agrees to direct any concerns or queries about a specific member to the member in a respectful and non-threatening manner, with the sole purpose of creating understanding and growth; whereas any concern or query about the Male Survivors Partnership as an entity should be brought to the attention of the whole membership.